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Vacation Rental Affiliate Program

Our innovative program allows owners of vacation rentals to further monetize their property by outfitting their property with West Coast Mercantile products. We'll start with bed sheets, with plans for limitless products. Who knows, maybe eventually it becomes like your own store, where customers get to organically experience our premium quality products before they buy.

Program Overview

Brief overview of how it works

West Coast Mercantile is currently testing two programs with hosts in a pilot phase. At a really, really high level all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up with us (free) and pick the plan and sizes needed for your beds

  2. Sign up with an independent third party app (free)

  3. We exchange marketing media (laser-etched bedside display, logos, URL's etc.) & create a landing page for you on our site.

  4. Your customers experience and fall in love with our products, and we give you a share of the sale.



How to register, and what you need to do

Burnt mktg.jpg

There are a few steps that need to be executed in proper order... it's a bit of a dance.

Step 1. Fill out the program form. The information is used to gain contact information and links, as well as understand which program which you want to participate.

Step 2. Register with as an affiliate. Registering with will provide use with a 3rd party platform that keeps us honest. It will take a few days for your affiliate account to be approved, but once it is, search for our "merchant" account under the name West Coast Mercantile and request to be our affiliate.


Step 3. West Coast Mercantile will create a landing page on our site using any logo and photography you send us. The landing page's URL will be sent back to you to plug into the's link generator unique to your account needed to attribute sales to your account.

Step 4. After following provided instructions to generate the trackable link, email us the generated URL, which we will use to create the QR code to be used on promotional materials for your rental. The QR code and URL can be used to track transactions originating from your unique link.

Step 5. Place our tasteful marketing materials next to the beds and we are off to the races! You will be automatically notified if one of your customers purchases our products using a trackable link, and you'll be able to see all sales attributed to your account with Shareasale .

Program Terms and Conditions

Making sure we are on the same page

The Terms and Conditions may change at any time with 10 days notice as we work to improve the program for the benefit of both parties. The Pilot program is expected to last about 6-12 months, at which point participants will be transitioned into the permanent program.

Seeding: The Tier 1 program allows hosts to receive two sets of sheets per bed, up to two beds per rental property, for no cost to the host. Tier 2 program allows hosts to purchase two sets of sheets per bed for up to three beds per location at rates below wholesale, but receives commission rates that are nearly double the Tier 1 rates. Which Tier is right for you?

Renewal: If there have been at least five sales per bed, per year, Hosts will be eligible to get two new sheets per bed each year at the same rate as the initial “seed”.

Personal Use: Either program allows participating hosts to purchase sheets for their own enjoyment at 25% off retail.

Registration: Participation in the program requires that the host register with The Shareasale platform helps track conversions of our shared customers, and acts as a neutral third party that everyone can use to report sales, traffic, and payment activity. Once registered, you can request to join the West Coast Mercantile program through Shareasale, where you will be assigned to the Tier program of your choice.

Distribution of Commissions: Distribution of commissions is according to Shareasale’s rules and schedule.

Joint Marketing & Social Media: For each bed, West Coast Mercantile will provide an attractive, self standing, wood display with the host’s logo and social media handles laser-etched into the sign. It will contain a QR code that is specific to your Shareasale link so any transaction can be tracked. Additionally, West Coast Mercantile will provide a co-branded web site landing page for our shared customers. The display gives the opportunity to give a customer an additional discount on West Coast Mercantile products if the customer creates a social media post that tags both the host and West Coast Mercantile.

Link Generation

Once registered, follow this so we can create your marketing materials

Once your registration with is accepted, log into your account and enter the landing page's URL created on the West Coast Mercantile website for your rental.

On the main page, find the West Coast Mercantile merchant link and click on it to drill into the Merchant account detail:


On the Merchant Detail page, click on the Get Links button:


On the following Get Links page, find the Create Custom Link circle, and then enter the URL of the landing page that was sent to you by West Coast Mercantile for your host page.


A link will be generated that we will use to create the QR code we will be placing on marketing materials. Copy this link and send it to so we can create the materials and send to you for use at your rental property.

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