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Wooden Bed


West Coast Mercantile was founded in 2017 after a sleepless night fighting bed sheets that refused to stay on the mattress. Worse, the sheets had formed those little balls of fabric that felt like sandpaper.  Following a sleep-deprived and decidedly animated conversation about our poor fitting bed sheets, we concocted a checklist of requirements for our ideal sheet set.  Surprisingly, we couldn't find a set that met our standards, at any price.  We knew we could do better, and we did just that. 

Shortly after our decision to launch a company offering a sheet set that check all of our boxes, we decided to combine our two passions: Innovation and Social Responsibility. 

Our first product to offer to the market, our sheet sets have gained enthusiastic customers who rave about our innovative features, perfect fit and luxurious fabric. We will ensure that all of our products are designed and constructed with our customers' needs and desires as our absolute top priority.  If we can't offer a superior product at a fair price for our fans, we won't sell it.

And, while we are bragging, we'll step up on our soap box, too.  West Coast Mercantile believes that the era for claiming superiority because they are socially responsible is over. In today's business environment, sustainability and fair trade isn't optional, or a marketing tool. In our company, it is a core requirement, just as important as innovation and our customer satisfaction.  This belief system extends to every facet of our business, a full cycle of sustainability and responsibility.  Our products are sourced from organic materials, constructed using fair trade wages, shipped with carbon offsets, and are biodegradable when you are done using them.  Even our packaging uses vegetable ink.

So, if you are ready to take a trip with us, hop on.  We're going places.

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