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So what's so awesome about our sheets, anyway?
West Coast Mercantile

Organic, Fair Trade, and Luxury feel


The choice of fabric was easy.  We just want to do the right thing.  In the case of sheets, that pretty much means cotton.  Its a natural, biodegradable material, not like microfiber or other synthetic fabric made from petroleum. 

Ethical products don't have to compromise on luxury feel.  We only use the finest, long-staple cotton spun into super-fine yarn to make the most supple feeling sheets you can lay on.  These are the sheets we wanted, but couldn't find. So we willed them into existence, and now, we can share them with you.  Guilt free.

100 % Organic. 100% Fair Trade.  1,000% Great Sleep.

Fitted Sheets that, uh, actually fit


By far, our most beloved feature is the cut of our fitted sheets.  The sheet corners are engineered to form a pocket around the corners of your mattress, cupping the sheets to your mattress and preventing slippage. 


So now you can sleep knowing you won't be assaulted by the elastic bands snapping off the mattress.  And when you wake up, the sheets will still be hugging the mattress.  You know, how it is supposed to look in all those fancy images from expensive photo shoots.

Mattresses come in different depths, shouldn't your sheets too?


There are an increasingly large number of different thicknesses of mattresses out there, and one-size-fits-all sheets won't cut it anymore.

Ill-fitting sheets will make your mattress look like it is trying to fit into embarrassingly small speedo swimsuit if the sheets are too small, or a clown suit if too big.  Either way, it prevents precious, precious sleep. 

It's pretty simple - our "Deep" set will cover a mattress that is up to 17" deep, and our "Standard" set will cover up to 13".  Don't have a measuring tape handy?  Hint - most phones have an app that can measure using your camera.

Directional hints to help lower your blood pressure


We still can't figure out why so few sheet options don't give at least minimal hints on the sheets to save the inevitable exasperation that comes from trying to figure out which direction the sheets should be put on the mattress.  Seems it would be simple to make it a bit  more obvious, no?

We gotcha covered.  Our West Coast Mercantile logo marks the foot or head end of the fitted sheets so all you have to do is find it, put it on one end and get on with life.

Flat Sheets large enough to tuck


What is it about flat sheets that can't quite be tucked in because they aren't quite wide enough that makes us feel... you know... frustrated. Unsatisfied.

If the flat sheet is too short for your mattress, sheets can look awkward even if the bed is perfectly made.  We made ours extra wide and long , keeping them tucked while you are not between our (lux) sheets, and ample room for your roaming feet when you are.

Pillow Cases on lock-down


This feature design isn't our own.  Or even new.  One of us even previously thought the extra fabric was a design mistake (we aren't telling who).  It's called an "envelope" style pillow case, and it's awesome.


It is so very effective at keeping those slippery pillows from being birthed from its case at night that we have made it a permanent requirement of all our cases.

Until we patent our own, better design, of course.  Hey, never say "never".

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