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Mitch and Ani Wright

For whatever reason, couples starting and operating a business in this industry seem to be a recurring theme.  One thing for certain, we are not cardboard cutouts.  While we might be a bit quirky, we take great pleasure in being a bit different, maybe even rebellious. 


The founders, Mitch and Ani Wright, operate the company from Whidbey Island, an idyllic community in the middle of the Puget Sound located just outside of Seattle, Washington.  We found our way to Whidbey after living all over the U.S. - in Ani's case, Japan and Indonesia - and Whidbey is exactly the kind of place that allows the creative instincts to help bring the best possible products to our customers.


Having been together for over half our lives, we've never been the types to keep the status quo.  He fancies himself an adventurer, and doesn't plan anything out, which drives Ani bonkers. She occasionally makes gourmet meals while wearing Hunter rain boots.  We still don't know why.  But really they just want to be better, to do better.  For our family, and yours.  


It's who we are.


Whidbey Trees
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