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Comfy Bed Sheets

Comfy Bed Sheets, Comfy Nights

Oh, boy. Where do we start? Look, there are many different attributes that contribute to the comfort of your sheets. Our famed fit is one of them. So is peace of mind, knowing that the sheets are manufactured in a way that is sustainable and socially responsible.

But the "rubber hits the road" comes down to the technical aspects of the weave, thread count, yarn size and even the type of cotton used when your skin hits the sheets. The sense of touch tells you everything you need to know, and tickles the little synapses that communicate to the pleasure center of your brain.

There are a surprising number of decisions to make about the construction of the fabric for bed sheets. Beginning with which raw material is used - whether it's cotton, bamboo, lyocell, or microfiber - each decision after will affect how the material feels, breathes, and holds up over time. The length of each individual strand of cotton, how it was combed and impurities removed, the fineness of the yarn strand, strength of the yarn strands, and the weave used are all critical components that contribute to the overall feel, function and durability of the fabric.

For example, using short staple cotton is inexpensive, but will result in pilling (those annoying little balls that form on the surface of the fabric and make it feel like sandpaper). Or, using a thicker yarn strand will reduce breathability for high thread count fabrics. Culminating in the type of weave used and the finishing applied to the fabric, every aspect of the manufacturing process will make for a unique experience for feel, fit, and function of the sheets.

To that end, we selected a long-staple organic cotton in a 60s yarn, single-ply thread, woven into a 300 thread count, sateen weave. Why? The sateen weave has an unmistakable sheen to it, and is smoother to the touch than percale. Too high of a thread count or too thick of a yarn strand in a sateen, however, and breathability will suffer.

We think we have the perfect balance of durability, softness, and breathability. And we are confident you'll agree.

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