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Perfect Fit Bed Sheets

Life is Easier with a Perfect Fit Bed Sheet

The signature feature of our Eco-Lux sheet set is the fit and hold on your mattress, and the reason we founded our company. West Coast Mercantile specifically engineered the corners of our fitted sheets to form a pocket around the corners of your mattress, cupping the sheets to your mattress and preventing slippage. When you wake from the first good night's sleep you have had in ages, the sheets will still be hugging the mattress, just like they were when you fell asleep.

Corner hold is only the beginning of the story. Mattresses come in different depths, so shouldn't your sheets too? A fitted sheet that is too deep is just as bad as one that won't stretch to the bottom of your mattress. Sleep-depriving excess material will bunch up, leaving you sleeping on uncomfortable wrinkles of extra fabric. Woke up with creases embedding in your skin lately? Yeah, we remember those days, too.


​That's why we offer two depths for our sheet sets.  Our "Deep" set will cover a mattress that is up to 17" deep, and our "Standard" set will cover up to 12".  Don't have a measuring tape handy?  Hint - most phones have an app that can measure using your camera.

Oh! We can't forget the flat sheets!  We made them oversized and longer so they stay tucked under your mattress better, and don't expose your feet to the cold nights for you restless sleepers.

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