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Why size matters... at least, when it comes to the depth of fitted sheets

Get your mind out of the gutter, we are talking about fitted sheets. But yes, you should absolutely be internalizing the mantra that size matters if you are in the market for a new set of sheets.

Sheets! We're talking about sheets!

Many consumers looking for a new set of sheets that fit their just two dimensional sizes - length and width, which you would know as the familiar nomenclature of king, queen, full, twin... you get the idea. There is, however, a third, often overlooked dimension - depth, and the wrong depth size can dramatically affect your satisfaction with a new set of sheets.

See, fitted sheets have a "drop" size, which is the vertical portion of the fitted sheets that cover from the bottom of the mattress to the top where you rest. Mattress depths can vary widely, and a bad match between the sheet drop size and the mattress can cause frustrating issues.

The most common issue with fitted sheets is caused by a drop size that is too short, as I'm sure most of you can bear witness to sheet corners baaaarrrely stretching over the underside of the mattress. Inevitably, in the dead of night, the corners will slingshot off the mattress, wrapping you up like a mummy in your fitted sheet by morning. Proving that size matters, this common issue is sure to leave you feeling... wait for it... unsatisfied.

Fitted sheets that are too deep can be just as frustrating as sheets that won't stay on your mattress.
Would you want to sleep on top of these wrinkles?

On the flip side, however, are fitted sheets that are too deep, resulting in a messy looking bed, which crumple up beneath you while you sleep. You'll know that happened when you wake up in the morning with the fold patterns embedded into your skin. Harmless, yes, but I guarantee your nerve endings feel it, causing sleep disruption and the chronic need for extra strong coffee in the morning.

It's not over. You have options.

West Coast Mercantile likes to benchmark our premium luxury cotton sheets, so we regularly test our competitors sheets in our constant quest for innovation. We have a ton of respect for many of our competitors. The messy-bed picture in this post is outfitted with a top-end set from a very popular competitor. We love the feel of their materials, which are truly top-notch. But this particular company sells their fitted sheets in only one drop size - with a deeper drop than most. The result? The skin on my backside looks like a topographic map in the morning. It is also uncomfortable, which is why West Coast Mercantile offers two depth sizes to more accurately fit your mattress.

We didn't stop with just the fitted sheet, though. For our "deep" option, we added extra length and width to our already generous standard-sized flat sheet so that your mattress won't look like it is wearing pants that are too short. Unless you prefer cold toes and a shambolic-chic look for your sheets ("shambolic" means messy - and yes, I used a thesaurus to find that word), you need to consider the depth of your mattress.

West Coast Mercantile takes immense pride in thinking of every last detail in the quest for the perfect set of sheets. From our drop size options, directional indicators to help make your bed right on the first try, pillow cases that trap pillows, and of course our signature feature that helps the fitted sheet corners stay on your mattress, we hope you'll find our sheets as addictive as we do.

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