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Standard and King Size Envelope Style Pillow Cases

The Envelope Feature in our Pillowcases Can't be Overlooked


High-quality bed sheets need high-quality pillowcases. Our pillowcases are made from the same buttery-smooth organic cotton fabric and feature an often overlooked feature called an envelope trap. The envelope design holds your pillow inside the case and prevents it from slipping out so that you can enjoy a distraction-free night. If you're curious about our pillowcases, see them in action.

We know how annoying it is to have to spend extra for the pillowcases, so in addition to the standard size pillowcases, we include a king-size set of pillowcases, a $50 value. The matching pillowcases ensure comfortable sleep, while making your bed look stunning and more inviting.

The included standard and king-size envelope-style pillowcases are the only way to go when only just one pillow isn't enough to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and good sleep. 

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