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Classic Stitched Hemmed Sheet Set

What do you get out of our classic stitched Hemmed Sheet Set?

The classic stitched hemmed sheet sets feature sheets with a thread count of 300. This feature is about as luxurious as it gets when it comes to organic bed sheets. We use sateen fabric on these sheets, which offers the highest level of comfort. Apart from comfort, we include a feature like a traditionally stitched hem that makes the sheet set a must-have for your bedroom. The construction on the corners ensures that they don't slip off the mattress.

Also, they come with our elegant logo on one end so that you can know which way to spread the bedsheets in the classic stitched hemmed sheet set. That way, you don't have to spend your time trying to guess the right side to lay them. This set has oversized sheets so that there is enough room to tuck them under the mattress. There is also a pillowcase set that comes with this bed sheet set that also fits well to keep your pillow well tacked. We ensure that their construction meets GOTS requirements.

Another way to go is the zig-zag stitched hemmed sheet set for its high-quality bed sheet. The thing that stands out with these bed sheets is that they have the latest stitching styles. Although its name is somewhat unorthodox, each sheet in the set is cotton and woven brilliantly with a 300 thread count. The fabric we use for this set is sateen. The sizing for these bed sheets is that they can fit your mattress correctly since they are oversized.

They also come with a logo, which is a guide so that you know which direction to fit the sheets. This feature is useful in saving you time and frustration. In the zig-zag stitched hemmed sheet set, you will find an extra pillowcase set. The pillowcases come in a design that ensures they stay strapped in position for peaceful nights. We recommend these bed sheets sets for people who value comfort and quality. Contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.

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